Chemical Free Lifestyle

Nail Polish Remover with Oils

If you are like me, I get so frustrated when I realize that a product I have been using for YEARS (like how long have I been painting my nails for!?) could potentially be causing so much harm to my body!
It’s just another reason to be thankful for our oils! We can take care of our bodies without giving up a good manicure. Because at least for me, I LOVE having my nails done, it makes me feel skinnier in a way (ha!) and now I don’t have to compromise my health for fashion! We can have it all ladies.
So the next time your nail polish starts chipping away, follow this quick and easy recipe below to help get your nails fresh and polished!
The Quick Fix: LEMON OIL is the key ingredient!

For a true DIY gal: You will just need a 2 oz. glass bottle, Grapefruit essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Orange essential oil, Rubbing alcohol, and White vinegar.
Directions: Add 2-3 drops of Grapefruit essential oil. Add 2-3 drops of Orange essential oil. Add 5-6 drops of Lemon essential oil. Fill the remaining amount of the glass bottle with 2/3 rubbing alcohol and 1/3 vinegar. Gently shake bottle to mix. Soak your nails for 5-10 minutes in bowl. Add solution to a cotton pad and wipe your nails clean. Voila!

Allergy Support

Essential Oils = Allergy Support


These 3 oils combined together make one powerful combination! It’s one of those instant gratification moments. The second I feel the Peppermint hit my chest, it’s instant relief combined with a jolt to my immune system with the Lemon added and then a calming feeling once I smell the Lavender.

I love keeping this oily combo in a 10 ml rollerball in my purse!

Fall is creeping up on us! We’ve got to prepare our immune systems for what’s in store! I know here in the Midwest we get slapped right in the face with allergies the second a leaf changes color!

I love having these oily tools right at my finger tips! What better way to prepare myself AND my family for fall allergies then having these 3 oils floating around the house in a rollerball OR my favorite diffuser that came in my Premium Starter Kit. Which by the way, these 3 oils come in your PSK people!!

Check out the other pages on this website for details about the Premium Starter Kit and where to go to begin your chemical free lifestyle! I have yet to meet someone who said they regret buying their Premium Starter Kit!

Chemical Free Lifestyle

Why Have a Chemical Free Lifestyle?


Why does a chemical free lifestyle mean so much?

Let me tell you why — because I’ve seen the other end of a chemical filled lifestyle and what it can do to your body over time and I want everyone to know WHAT they are putting into their bodies.

The #2 cause of death in the United States is Cancer.

1,620 people die a day of Cancer.

1 in 3 deaths are directly connected to poor diet choices, physical inactivity, weight, or chemical exposure.

The American Cancer Society says 5-10% of ALL Cancer cases are from gene defect!

That means 90-95% of Cancer cases are under OUR control.

It’s what we allow in our homes.

Go open your cleaning cabinet and read the bottles. Can you even pronounce half the things on that long list?

THAT’S what you are cleaning your home with. THAT’S what you are cleaning your cutting board with then cutting up fruit and eating it. ALL of those chemicals are now inside your body and if you read the back of that bottle again, you’ll see the words “Toxic if ingested” written plain as day.

YOU are the gate keeper of your home.

Only YOU control what passes through the threshold of your doorway.

YOU can say NO! Kick those chemicals to the curb — not just for you, but for your family too!

Check out the links of the top of this page! Go through the 101 of YL oils and the oils that come in the kit! Check out what each oil can do for you in your home every day!